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Loving Monday: Going to Work Naked

loving_mondayIt’s an interesting thought. Attractive to some. Repulsive to others.

Getting dressed in the morning can be such a hassle. Every day. The exact same routine. Time that could be spent at work (or in bed) is wasted on getting dressed.

I’m not talking merely of the chore of tracking down the missing sock, choosing which shoes to wear or which tie matches best.

I’m talking about what “look” you’re trying to create. What sort of part you are looking to play in today’s unfolding drama at the office.

Some of us are trying to look more professional than we feel. Maybe look older, maybe younger, smarter, more successful, more confident, etc. etc. Some of us are trying to fit in. Show that we belong and are of the status and caliber of everyone else.

That’s a lot of work each morning! Putting on an entire persona is no small task.

What if we went to work naked?

Go ahead and cover up your body, so we aren’t distracted. But don’t spend any time covering up who you are. Dispense with the showmanship, the masquerade, the pretending.

You will do a much better job coming across as you intend simply being yourself than you ever stand a chance of doing trying to be some imagined ideal of a leader, professional, or expert.

Think of all the time and emotional energy you will save not meticulously crafting this image each morning!

Being comfortably and unconsciously yourself frees your mind up to focus on the issues, people and problems that will confront you as soon at you get to work. As a result you will do a much better job of being present for and practically dealing with anything that comes your way.

You are the best thing you have to offer the team at work. Don’t cover it up!

Experience the freedom of going to work naked today!

On your side,

- Karl Edwards

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