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Meeting Planner Announcement!

meeting_plannerThe Meeting Planner is here!

We’re proud to announce a new tool from Bold Enterprises!

The Meeting Planner is the practical workbook you’ve been looking for. Designed especially for leaders who want to focus discussions, increase team buy-in, and get things done.

Transform your experience of meetings

  • Are meetings keeping you and your team OrderNowfrom your work without any discernible benefit?
  • Do your meetings go on and on without accomplishing much?
  • Are your meetings dominated by a talkative individual, high-jacked by a peripheral issue, or wasted by weak planning?

The Meeting Planner provides a simple process and a helpful work space to:

Before the meeting: Brainstorm and prioritize agenda items.
During: Facilitate discussion that moves toward accomplishing outcomes and stays on schedule.
Afterwards: Follow up on decisions made, tasks assigned and deadlines agreed upon.

Not too late for Christmas!

Still looking for a practical stocking stuffer for:

  • your boss
  • a co-worker
  • a valued client?

Get yours today

Get your Meeting Planner for only $14.95
(sales tax and shipping added where applicable.)


If you’re local and want to avoid the shipping charge by picking up your copy, then feel free to email or phone your order!


Daily Focus PadThe first 25 orders will receive a free copy of our Daily Focus Pad.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions you have.

I think you’ll be very pleased with this new tool.

On your side,

- Karl

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