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Focused Coaching

Your Opportunity to Focus and Push

You want to keeping learning, growing, and improving your professional game.
Key to thriving as a professional is an on-going investment in yourself. Your skills, your capacities, your character, your goals, your dreams and passions.
But you are busy. You need something now. And it must focus on you.

Focused coaching

Welcome to Focused Coaching.
Join me for three 90-minute private coaching sessions.

Your needs. Your issues. Your schedule.

• Unearth core issues
• Sort through fresh options
• Choose outcomes for action

Each month we will offer a new “focus” topic. Come back often and see what opportunity is available to invest in your own effectiveness.

Focus #1: Goals Worth Fulfilling

Our first Focused Coaching topic is Goals Worth Fulfilling.
Session 1: Setting meaningful goals
Session 2: Modeling authentic communication
Session 3: Encouraging personal accountability
Not all goals are meaningful. Not all goals motivate teams to action. Not all goals are worth fulfilling.
Listen in to our audio podcast series on Fake Goals and see if any of these common pitfalls beset your leadership team.

Focus #2: Communication Effectiveness

Improve your Communication Effectiveness without the pressure of pretending to be someone you are not.
Session 1: Explore your communication style and the styles of those who annoy you most.
Session 2: Mine insights into how and why your style works and does not work.
Session 3: Choose three adjustments to your approach from which you will go forward.
The goal is not to become a perfect communicator, but a more effective you when you need to communicate.
Listen in to our audio podcast series on Awkward Communication and see if any of these styles characterize you or your team.

Focus #3: Working Effectively with People

Learn three keys to Working Effectively with People and transform employee engagement on your team.
Session 1: Design a meaningful opportunity for a key team member to contribute and make a difference.
Session 2: Design a meaningful opportunity for a key team member to learn and develop.
Session 3: Design a meaningful opportunity for a key team member to connect and belong.
Be intentional about discovering and investing in what makes people come alive and engage enthusiastically at work.
Listen in to our audio podcast series on The Hard Facts of Working with People and discover new insights into what makes people tick.


Three 90-minute coaching sessions are only $797. Student and unemployed discounts available.

Karl D. Edwards

Karl Edwards has more than 25 years of experience in business, education and consulting. From this comes a coaching experience designed to empower and equip you for the challenges you face today. You are always Karl’s focus. No gurus, no templates, no formulas. One issue at a time. Your issue every time.

I’m looking forward to partnering with you.

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