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Bridging the Work-Faith Divide

Thriving as Disciples in the Workplace

Many of us have heard the question, “How do we take our faith to work?” A valid question, but difficult to answer for most of us.
Part of the difficulty arises from a false divide we experience between our work life and our faith life. As if we are taking something exterior to us (our faith) somewhere separate from ourselves (our work).
Bridging the Work-Faith Divide 

Bridging the Work-Faith Divide

Work-Faith Checklist

In reality, though, both our faith and our work are integral parts of who we are and not disconnected realms that we visit occasionally.
What if we asked, “How do we think about our work as persons of faith?” The topic at work is work, but we choose to approach that work as a person of faith.
When the subject is work, how might our faith inform us? When the subject is work we are thinking about achieving results, working with people, making difficult decisions, improving methods, conducting meetings, collaborating across disciplines, and so the list goes on.
When the subject is work, people of faith are usually warned about the dangers involved instead of equipped and empowered for proactive engagement.

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Invite Karl to speak on this vital topic at your church, conference, or convention.
Bridging the Work-Faith Divide
Work and faith intersect, but not where we assume. Karl shares from a unique perspective of understanding our workplaces as one of the God-given contexts in which we fulfill the stewardship of our lives.
Hard Facts About Working With God-Designed People
People thrive at work where they have three key opportunities: an opportunity to contribute and make a difference, an opportunity to grow and develop, and an opportunity to connect and belong. Fail to incorporate these three God-designed human characteristics and you’re looking for trouble.

Equipping Workshops

As people of faith we engage the workplace on a daily basis, but often our greatest dilemmas are about the work itself and we need help. In these half- and full-day practical workshops, you will learn the skills and practices that can transform your experience of the “rat race” into an energizing career worth waking up for.
Career Tune-Up: Finding and Sustaining MeaningFull Work
Empower yourself to find meaningful work and to make a difference at work. Instead of trying to discern the end of the career journey, learn how to think in shorter segments that build over time into an integrated and meaningful whole.
Teamwork Skills for Introverts, Independents and Iconoclasts
Not everyone loves teamwork. Yet everyone has to deal with other people. Discover the keys to communication, collaboration, coordination and confrontation without all the stress. Call it loving others at work while preferring to work alone.
Performance Evaluations that Equip, Empower and Get Results
How would you structure a performance evaluation if people were more than mere commodities that we should milk for all they’re worth for the lowest pay possible? What if people were gifted and could make a valuable contribution? What if they were developing and could learn and grow with their job?

Executive Retreats

Get away from the busyness that prevents us from thinking critically and reflecting deeply. Enjoy the thought-provoking and character-deepening structures and processes we will provide for you to take your workplace discipleship to the next level.
Reclaiming the Stewardship of Influence
Develop a personal vision of yourself as a steward of power. A challenging experience of rethinking such issues as power, service, self-awareness, ambition, and control.
Grey-Area Leadership
Develop decision-making criteria for the complex issues you face. A thoughtful examination of choices, discernment, validation, and accountability.
Kingdom-Visioning Business Fundamentals
Rethink how you tackle core business issues from a faith perspective: quantifying results, defining productivity, improving quality, and releasing motivation.

Karl D. Edwards

Karl Edwards has more than 25 years of experience in business, education and consulting; not to mention more than 30 years of wrestling with these issues of faith in his own life, work, church and seminary training. From this comes a series of equipping experiences designed to empower thriving disciples in the workplace.

I’m looking forward to partnering with you.

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