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Loving Monday: Splash of Cold Water

loving_mondayEver had one of those Mondays where all of the positive self-talk in the world can’t get you out of your funk?

You’ve got too much to do. The people around you are dragging you down. Life at home is rough. Nothing works like it’s supposed to. The week hasn’t even started and you feel behind the eight ball.

Instead of psyching yourself up, beating yourself up or simply giving up, try a splash of cold water in the face. (Your own face, that is. (As rewarding as dousing that turkey down the hall would be.))

You might call it a tangible if startling way to push the “reset” button.

A way to start over yourself while acknowledging that all around you remains awful. A way to grab your own attention.

Resistence, struggle and panic simply exasperate the situation when one is mired in quicksand. When about to be dragged under, we need to be alert, perceptive and clever. We need to awake to the possibilities that we cannot currently see. Alternatives that offer unexpected, unanticipated, or not yet envisioned options.

Hence, a startling reset. A choice to to step away. A choice to do something simple. A choice to do something that awakens your senses.

A splash of cold water.

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