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Listen In -> Clutter: Friend or Foe? #5: All That Stuff on Your Desktop

Both our physical desktop and our computer desktop can get cluttered quickly. 

Some of us function well in cluttered environments. Others of us go crazy with frustration.

I once worked with a gentleman whose office was piled from corner to corner with files, books, and rolls of construction drawings. He knew where everything was. I still feel bad for the young intern who thought she was doing him a favor by cleaning it all up one year while he was away on vacation.

In this week’s podcast discussion, web developer Jorge Rosas and I look at these two desktop worlds of wood and pixels, and do some thinking about clutter.

One of the issues in whether we can find what we need. The other issue is whether the cluttered desktops are making it difficult to focus and be productive.

In other words, can you recognize how clutter affects your ability to find things or to get work done?

Listen in.

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