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Listen In -> Bridging the Work-Faith Divide #2: All Work as a Legitimate Calling

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being warned at church about the dangers my work poses to my faith.

Sure some dangers exist, (e.g. greed, exploitation, workaholism, and various obsessions with power, status and money), but the focus on these dangers to the exclusion of the gifts and opportunities that my work holds for me is the greater danger by an exponential magnitude.

Bridging the Work-Faith Divide

In this week’s podcast discussion, Claudia and I focus on these gifts and opportunities: to make a difference, to apply yourself meaningfully, to mature in your skills and capacities, to belong to a working community, etc.

The biblical concept that describes finding work that fits you beautifully is “calling.”

I define “calling” as the intersection of God’s values, our personal make-up, and our life context.

Sadly, the word has been so closely associated with going into the clergy or taking up cross-cultural missionary work that those of us in secular professions often feel our work is less blessed by God or less relevant to his kingdom.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Whether it’s your profession, your field, your role or your daily responsibilities, nothing is more life-enhancing or worth waking up for in the morning than when you find a good fit.

Have you been looking down on your profession because it isn’t an explicit form of religious ministry? Do you feel guilty for being as deeply invested in your work as you are?

Listen in.

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