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Listen In -> Paying Attention to Attentiveness #5: Attentive to Ideas and Trends

You remember the LP? The cassette? The 8-track tape? The compact disc?

What if your entire business model was structured around a 10-year plan that included one of those now sidelined technologies? What if it was six years into that plan that the iPod emerged and your entire industry almost or completely disappeared?

The speed with which fashions, fads, and technologies come and go is dizzying. Which brings us to this week’s show.

Five and ten-year plans cannot be made—much less implemented—without paying attention to ideas and trends.

How many leading industries did not even exist ten years ago? How many have disappeared altogether in the same period?

How do you pay attention to ideas and trends? Your viability as a business may depend on it.

Listen in.

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