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Social Nation by Barry Libert

One of the “worlds” that is changing faster than it is staying the same is social media.

It can feel daunting trying to catch up with what is happening in social media before it has morphed into something else again.

And how many of the experts on the topic are little more than early and lucky entrants? All their “how-to’s” are no longer applicable because we are no longer early in the process nor is everyone lucky.

Then comes Barry Libert, who in his collaborative work, Social Nation, gives us a great overview of best practices, primary perspectives, and strategic keys.

Seven Principles for Building Your Social Nation

If you are new to social networking, then you will love this book. Libert lays out a wonderful frame of reference for thinking about the skills, processes and purposes of social networking as a component of one’s business strategy.

Those already interacting heavily on the web might find much of the content pedestrian. If, however, your efforts have not been getting you results, you will find the outline structure of the book helpful as a resource for reviewing what of your efforts might be missing or use some improvement.

He lays out the basics of social-nation building into seven broad principles for our consideration and application. Enough to be thorough and clear, but not so many as to be overwhelming or confusing.

Your Social Quotient

Far and away the best part of the book for me was the concept of Social Quotient.

He offers eight competencies that, “are the key social characteristics that can drive connections and improve business results.” (p. 49)

I find all of the characteristics helpful, insightful, interesting, and challenging:

1. Adaptor
2. Architect
3. Collaborator
4. Connector
5. Creative thinker
6. Transparent individual
7. Risk taker
8. Visionary

Libert offers a free online assessment test resulting in the identification of your top three social skills. (Click here.) Chapter 3 of the book and the assessment tool both offer insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each of the traits that do a great job of highlighting key strengths you bring to the social working world.

My top three social skills are Architect, Collaborator, and Transparent Individual.

I found it helpful to integrate my ability to see the big picture and build things (Architect) with my love for and confidence in working with people in teams (Collaborator), as well as my personal style of being open, straight-forward and real with others (Transparent Individual).

The point is not to pigeon-hole people into rigid categories, but to help us direct our own efforts into the areas of our most natural strengths.

Social Nation is a must-read if you are considering engaging, interacting, and working with your customers, vendors, constituents, employees, and other stakeholders online.

On your side,

- Karl Edwards

2 Responses to “Social Nation by Barry Libert”

  1. barry libert Says:


    I love what you do – ‘Cultural Architects’. I would like to connect with you to learn more. What is the best way to do that? in addition, would you be willing to cross post your review of Social Nation on Amazon?



  2. Karl Edwards Says:


    Let’s do it. I’d love to connect. My contact info is here: http://www.boldenterprises.com/contact-us/
    Email is probably the most direct.

    The review is on Amazon.

    All the best,

    – Karl

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