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Memorial Day Reflection: In the Mean Time <-> Until Now

This is the day when we Americans remember that we enjoy peace at home, not because we have eschewed violence, but because we have been willing to stand up to those who would use violence against us and our children.

This is the day that we remember that protecting most of our children has resulted in the loss of many of our children.

While world peace is a goal worthy of sincere and dedicated efforts, in the mean time there will be those who hate, those who insist on wielding power at any cost, and those who are too proud, too narrow, too scared, or with too much at stake to put down the sword.

All of human history until now has been, “in the mean time.”

We will not close our eyes to this tragic reality, however tempting it might be to believe that we could merely will it away if only we opposed war or the military or governments or defense contractors loudly enough.

All of human history… until now.

Yes, we must strive for different, more peaceful, more accepting, more collaborative, more respectful, and more creative ways to share the planet. In the mean time, though, we will not under any circumstance allow anyone to harm our children.

Thank you to our service men and women whose task it is to stand in harm’s way so that we can work and play and love and live… in the mean time.

- Karl Edwards

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