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Loving Monday: Rhythms of Newness

loving_mondayHappy New Year!

Another warm, sunny day for the Rose Parade. A thrilling or disappointing Rose Bowl game depending on your loyalties. Any late night festivities are but a memory.

This morning most of us fortunate enough to be working are back at it.

New Year

In one sense, we’re picking up where we left off.

In another sense, it’s a brand new year and we’re at the start of something.

We might be tempted to conclude that New Year’s is a day like any other. We’d be right, though, only in the one sense.

More importantly would be the opportunity to use the calendar with its annual and seasonal cycles to help us stay fresh, start over, and/or change course. As satellites use the gravity of the planets to propel themselves forward, so we can use the spirit of freshness the New Year brings to propel ourselves forward.

New energy, new ideas, new perspectives, new attitudes, new approaches, new relationships, new strategies. And on and on we might go. On and on you should go! The new year is an opportunity to use the annual cycle to structure a rhythm of newness into your routine.

It’s too difficult to be endlessly creative and energetic all of the time. It’s too easy to let busyness and urgencies dictate your priorities year after year while time slips through your fingers.

Start this year off by choosing to begin or renew three values, projects or attitudes. There’s no need for a huge laundry list of “good” ideas. Neither should you sell yourself short by taking the easy “way out.”

Seize the initiative. Tap into the spirit of newness that the New Year offers. Design your own rhythm of newness.

How might you use the New Year to catalyze or renew your priorities?

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