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Daily Focus Pad — 10 Minutes Before Anything Else

  • If I accomplish one thing today, that one thing must be...
  • What one complicating reality can I anticipate and head off?
  • What one element can I include in my day that will keep me energized?
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Turn the phone off. Don’t turn the computer on. Before the day’s demands have a chance to harass you, divert you or demoralize you… pause… and take stock of what is most important today

This is intended to be a ten-minute daily practice.


Suggested Uses:

A necessity for yourself...

  • Keep your eyes on what is most important.
  • Choose one direction before running in many directions.
  • Give your first ten minutes to yourself.

A resource for your team...

  • Help them succeed.
  • Provide a useful tool.
  • Encourage them with a gift.

A gift for a busy student...

  • It's never too early to learn to focus.
  • Help them begin their working journey well.