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Toughing Out a Tough Job #3: When The Workload is Overwhelming

Workload feel like you’re juggling knives? Lugging a file cabinet on your back? Navigating a maze of booby traps?

For any given priority that you consider tackling, do all the others shout for attention making it impossible to focus? Do all choices seem like lose-lose propositions? For all your hard work is the main question that comes to mind, “Who am I letting down today?”

In today’s podcast discussion on Toughing Out a Tough Job, Claudia and I look at coping with an overwhelming workload.

In this series we’re taking as our starting point that changing jobs is not one of the options on the table. So we’re looking for survival techniques, coping strategies, and creative alternatives to make meaningful choices where we can.

Overwhelmed by your workload? Listen in.

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