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Question of the Week

Are you as careful to stay ahead of the competition in your management practice as you are in your technical practice? What will any inattentiveness cost you?

The Question of the Week is offered to increase awareness about personal leadership practices and encourage experimentation with creative alternatives.

2 Responses to “Question of the Week”

  1. Mark Goodyear Says:

    I’m not exactly sure what it would mean to stay ahead in management practices… but I definitely evaluate relationships constantly.

    Since the little management I do occurs via the web, this often means aligning new technical tricks with management practices. Adding google docs. Using RSS in creative ways. Using micro enewsletters in creative ways. Facebook. Ning. Etc. Thinking about these social media tools as potential management tools.

  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    What you model so well, Marcus, is the “always learning” mentality. There’s the key right there to why people want to work with you!

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