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Five Sure Fire Ways to Get Problems to Backfire

Some people are so certain that everything will turn out right in the end. They treat each problem like nothing more than a passing nuisance. They do not allow anything to interrupt their progress.

Are you one of these people? Nothing ever backfire on you? Your success streak defying all odds? This month we pass on five sure fire ways to make your efforts backfire.

Tip #1: Assume that your next problem will take care of itself. Let as much time go by as possible so events have a chance to sort themselves out.

Tip #2: Protect team morale by refusing to acknowledge the existence of any problem at all. Why invite discouragement into your department by giving voice to something everyone seems so content to ignore?

Tip #3: Think of all the negative, nasty names you would be called if you addressed this problem. You wouldn’t want unfounded rumors about your ulterior motives circulating, would you?

Tip #4: Memorize the phrase, “Peace at any price.” Say it to yourself repeatedly while listening to complainers. Isn’t there’s enough back-stabbing in the office? Won’t your penchant for confrontation just make the workplace an even more hostile environment?

Tip #5: Cover up any mistakes you make. Eventually, you’ll learn to blame others so well, you won’t make any mistakes at all. Then you won’t even have to act surprised when a problem arises. And you certainly won’t remember helping create the problem.

Have you worked with a leader like this before? Does anyone on your team act like this? Then it’s time for us to talk again.

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