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Drowning in $ Desperation

At the other extreme, there are those for whom the reality of funding their non-profit enterprise is an all-consuming responsibility.

Like a hungry beast always prowling for its next meal, these leaders see others through the eyes of donation potential. Everyone becomes financial prey, so to speak. We can feel it too. And as a result we take evasive action to protect ourselves.

The heart-breaker here is that these leaders are no longer passionately involved in the cause for which they are raising the money. Their focus has been diverted by the need for funds. The need is real. But the response is out of balance. Like a drowning swimmer who panics trying to get air, they pull down the would-be rescuer with them.

Our plans for ensuring we have enough oxygen, need to include tools for staying in touch with our original passion. How do you keep fund raising in perspective?

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