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Listen In -> Performance Management with Jeff Hunt #4: Rewarding

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Everyone loves rewards. I more than most.

This week we conclude our excellent series with Jeff Hunt of Goalspan with a look at the fourth key component of performance management: Rewards.

In this week’s show we explore four types of rewards:

  1. Recognition and praise
  2. Pay for performance
  3. Pay for contribution
  4. Pay for potential

Do you know what reward most managers think that employees want? “Good wages.”

Do you know what reward most employees actually say they want? “Full appreciation for work done.”

Wages rank #5 on employees’ lists.

Rewarding people is not the booby-trap of fueling spiraling expectations that many leaders fear.

Are you overlooking a powerful tool at your disposal?

Listen in.

Listen In -> Performance Management with Jeff Hunt #3: Assessing

Friday, September 4th, 2009


Not the feeling you want to experience during your performance review.

“What do you mean, you don’t think I’m pulling my weight?” exclaims the dumbfounded employee who thought his supervisor was actually quite pleased with his work.

“What do you mean, you want to expand your responsibilities?” mutters the astonished supervisor who can’t believe such mediocre work would warrant a promotion.

In this week’s conversation with Jeff Hunt of Goalspan, we look at the third component of the Performance Management process: Assessing.

Did you know there are four elements to an effective assessment process?

  1. They are two-way. Both the supervisor and the employee do the assessing.
  2. They take place frequently. Issues need to be addressed closer to when they happen.
  3. They have both quantitative and qualitative components.
  4. They assess for future potential. Which employees are keepers? Future leaders?

Remove the unnecessary surprises from your performance reviews.

Listen in.

Listen In -> Performance Management with Jeff Hunt #2: Managing

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Has it been an entire year since you’ve talked with anyone on your team about their job performance?

Does it feel a bit awkward to bring up that negative encounter nine months ago?

Did you miss an opportunity to provide needed resources simply because you didn’t know about the need at the time?

We are in week 2 of our conversation with Jeff Hunt of Goalspan about performance management, and our topic this week is “managing.”

After establishing expectations for results having planned, our next step is to establish an on-going conversation about how we work together. Instead of performance management being a single annual event, we are going to make it a process.

Don’t miss Jeff’s insights into the three components of managing job performance:

  1. Coaching and feedback – Establishing the ongoing conversation.
  2. Supporting learning and development – Providing the resources and training.
  3. Proactively addressing issues as they arise instead of waiting 10 months to the next evaluation.

What is your process? Do you engage early and often? Do your performance evaluations increase or decrease employee morale, motivation and engagement?

Listen in.

Listen In -> Performance Management with Jeff Hunt #1: Planning

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Are you dreading all the paperwork and lost time involved in annual performance reviews?

Are you dreading being judged by a supervisor that doesn’t know enough about what you’re doing to have a meaningful opinion?

Are your annual reviews exercises in self-protection… the supervisor protecting the company from the employee’s entitlement mentality and the employee protecting him or herself from the company’s need to control costs and wages by being stingy with positive feedback?

Get ready to have your assumptions blown to bits by Jeff Hunt, the founder and CEO of Goalspan, who joins us for a new series on Performance Management.

In this first interview, Jeff unfolds a strategy for transforming the dreaded employee performance evaluation into a on-going conversation and intentional management process.

That process begins with planning.

Listen in.