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Who Is Serving Whom?

Fund raising can twist two ways. For some it feels like the annoying child whining for your limited time while you’re trying to focus on more important things. For others it is the insidious demon that has somehow possessed your soul without you even realizing it, and all you do and see is related to money.

Helpful may be to ask, “Who is serving whom here?

Money has its place, a reality we have acknowledged in an earlier entry. But its place is not the primary place. When you feel like you’re serving the money demands of your organization instead of money serving the world-changing goals of your organization, it is time to realign and/or get some help.

Find creative ways to keep money and fund-raising in your service. Funds are a vital and necessary tool to have in the arsenal. But we want to be able to choose how we leverage its power on behalf of our cause. When we can no longer choose, we are no longer in charge.

Who is serving whom?

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