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Listen In -> Employees… What Are They Good For? #4: The Problem of Poor Employee Performance

I’d venture that for 90% of employee performance problems, supervisors focus their solution efforts on the problem employee.

Helping the employee change. Demanding that the employee change. Talking to the employee. Writing up the employee. Training the employee. Disciplining the employee.

What if, though, the employee was not the problem?

What if problems elsewhere in the company were creating a situation in which no employee would look good?

What if their negative attitude was a self-protective response to your harsh, arbitrary and/or imperious leadership style?

What if their uncooperativeness was a response to the competitive bonus program in your compensation structure?

In this week’s podcast discussion, Claudia and I take a closer look at the problem of poor employee performance.

When acceptable performance becomes a problem, are we jumping too quickly to blame and punishment?

Could there be aspects of your corporate structure, culture, or your own leadership methods that might be setting the stage for poor performance?

Listen in.

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