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Listen In -> Posture of Strategic Readiness with Van Wray #5: The Anticipated Decisions

Of the universities to which your child is granted admittance, he or she will have to decide one to attend. It’s an important decision, and it cannot be avoided.

Except that your child is currently twelve years old.

It is not yet time to make that particular decision.

Yet it would be a mistake to ignore or avoid the investigative and preparatory work involved in helping your child make the best decision possible when the time comes.

In this week’s podcast discussion with Van Wray of Amperant Advisors, we look at how to best approach these certain but distant decision points in our businesses.

Certain decision are coming.

We know they are on the way, but we don’t have enough information to make the decision yet. We cannot afford, though, to ignore, forget about, or minimize their importance in the mean time. What do we do?

Listen in.

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