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Saying Goodbye to 2011

Sometimes the best thing we can do is simply say good-bye.

To revel in our victories or stew in our defeats is to overlook the ever-moving hands on the clock.

We cling to the past at our own peril.

Here on the last day of the year, we pause to say good-bye to 2011.

For some of us it was a year of heartbreak, unemployment and/or assaults on our health.

For some of us it was a year of discovery, achievement and/or new beginnings.

Here on the last day of the year we pause to both give thanks and to learn.

In order to move boldly into the new year we need to do both, give thanks and learn.

Both getting stuck in the past or relying on the past are mistakes that can cost us dearly going into the future.

Giving thanks helps us put our triumphs and tragedies into perspective so that we don’t give them too much power over us either in blind over-confidence or paralyzing fear.

Learning allows us to leverage and transform our gains and losses into something that will resource and fuel our future.

Good-bye 2011. We pause to give thanks and learn from you.

Tomorrow we greet the new year. Stronger and wiser we will build on what has gone before.

Tomorrow we begin anew.

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