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Listen In -> Playing Favorites #1: The Office “Romances” That Backfire

“Play favorites? Who, me?! Not a chance!”

Famous last words. How many leaders do you know who admit to playing favorites?

It’s like a secret shame. Except the only person the secret is fooling is the leader playing favorites, who remains blindly adamant that there is no favoritism in anything they do.

We launch a new podcast discussion series this week, “Playing Favorites.”

Leaders assume they make the best objective decisions possible. But certain patterns and tendencies give away that they might have slipped into playing favorites.

Playing favorites can erode trust, credibility and motivation.

Can you tell the difference?

Playing Favorites
Week #1: The Office “Romances” that Backfire
Week #2: Favoring Certain People
Week #3: Favoring Certain Technologies
Week #4: Favoring Certain Policies and Procedures
Week #5: Favoring Certain Workplace Cultures

Listen in.

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