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Loving Monday: Hey, I Recognize You!

loving_mondaySince I’ve stopped commuting across town to work, I find myself being recognized at my regular hang-outs.

For me it’s coffee and a writing schedule that form the basis of my most regular stops.

baristaBut it’s the delight of being recognized that I want to focus on this morning.

What a great way to start the week. Even if the smile I receive is merely their joy at getting yet another $1.50 from me, I love it.

Given that this is Los Angeles, and the odds of running into a familiar face are close to zero… the gift of recognition is nothing to be sneezed at.

Life is busy, and it is easy to feel invisible as your boss gets wrapped up in outcomes and deadlines, your co-workers are overwhelmed with their own workload, and your clients don’t care who handles their problem as long as it gets handled.

So it can be quite the gift—dare I use the word, “blessing”—to be recognized… even when out and about amongst relative strangers in town.

What are your regular haunts? A coffee house, a donut shop, a grocery store, an office supply warehouse, an electronics store?

If you’re feeling isolated and anonymous in the city, a small change can make a big difference. Today I’m recommending routine and repetition. Breed familiarity with repeated exposure.

Ask your barista how their day is going. Discover the pleasure of being recognized.

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