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Loving Monday: When the Dirty Dishes Stack Up

loving_mondayI hate washing the dishes. The task. The chore. The never-ending reality that stares me in the face every evening.

Of course letting dishes stack up doesn’t work very well either. Mounting clutter, odors, and ants… not to mention excavating for the occasional utensil missing in action.

Some less-than-pleasant realities are better faced than avoided.

I can’t believe I just said that. The man to whom Denial has been such a good friend all these years.

Here it is Monday morning. The start of a new week. Is there one annoying, unpleasant but necessary task, chore or duty of yours that has the potential of haunting you all week if you don’t simply deal with it now?

What neglected item on your to-do list could stack up slowly until, like a mountain of dirty dishes, it feels like an insurmountable obstacle that is impossible to face?

What’s worse… facing the nasty task now or dealing with the repercussions of not having faced it later?

There’s a certain freedom and lightness that comes from being freed of lingering duties. The haunting, taunting voices that cloud our focus, interrupt our concentration, and ultimately hold us back.

So after considerable self-torment I get up and wash the dishes. While not overflowing with the joy of achievement, I must say it was nice not to spend the morning chasing ants!

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