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10 Tasks You Can Complete During An American Idol Commercial Break

IdolI love American Idol, but its commercial breaks are longer than the show itself. If you add the previews (which duplicate most of the content,) there’s time to accomplish quite a bit between segments.

How do you use all that time?!

Here’s my list of 10 tasks you can complete during an American Idol commercial break:

  1. Pay the bills.
  2. Give the dog a bath.
  3. Clean out the garage.
  4. Make popcorn… for the neighborhood.
  5. Repair a popped balloon.
  6. Install software on Windows.
  7. Navigate the menu of telephone prompts to get a live person at the phone company.
  8. Replay Obama’s inaugural address.
  9. Explain Twitter to your grandmother.
  10. Delouse a screaming child.

Those commercials make up a good part of one’s evening. Why just sit there?

What else belongs on this list?

2 Responses to “10 Tasks You Can Complete During An American Idol Commercial Break”

  1. suebrody Says:

    DVR it, so you can watch Keith Olbermann at the same time and then return to it SANS ridiculous commercials!

  2. lexi Says:

    Or just don’t watch American Idol. I’ve found that saves more time (and sanity) than watching those poor losers make even bigger asses of themselves.

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