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Adding Value Idea: Be a Team Player

One area of work that is always in your own control is whether or not you choose to be a team player.

One thing you can do to shape how others perceive your contribution to the organization is find ways to make the entire team more successful.

This could be as simple as helping an overwhelmed co-worker finish a task. You could compliment someone in front of their supervisor, making them look good. You could add a level of extra coordination to your efforts, so that more of the people affected know what’s going on.

What you’re looking for are opportunities to take the initiative and engage beyond the strict limits of your job description with an emphasis on making the entire team function better.

In light of our podcast conversation topic this week, when uncertainty inserts its unwelcome head, you will already be perceived as a team player… key, if not indispensable, to the organization. One more thing in your own control. One less thing to stress about!

Where have you found opportunities to engage as a team player?

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