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Listen In -> Recovering From Bad New Year’s Resolutions

Now that January is about over, is the same true for your New Year’s resolutions? All those bold decisions, ambitious plans, and good intentions from 4 weeks ago… If they’re scattered around your feet as just so much discarded failure or discouragement, then this is the podcast series for you!

Claudia Rempel is back in the studio with her flair for getting to the core of issues. Instead of getting caught in a pattern of make-a-resolution -> break-a-resolution each year, we discuss ways to redeem this tradition and turn it into a useful change tool.

In this series we will look at four types of resolution makers:

  1. The Sweeping Changers
  2. The Don’t Bother Cynics
  3. The Half-Hearted Intenders
  4. The Rigid Disciplinarians

Each approach has a downside that sabotages our desire for change. But each approach has an upside that we don’t want to lose track of either. Join the discussion as we have some fun getting inside why change is so hard for us.

Listen in.

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