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Question of the Week

When does your anger catch you off guard and erupt with mixed results, and when is it an intentional leadership tool you choose to employ? Can you tell the difference?

The Question of the Week is offered to increase awareness of one’s personal leadership practices and encourage experimentation with creative alternatives.

2 Responses to “Question of the Week”

  1. Mark Goodyear Says:

    Ah. This is something I learned as a teacher. The high school students sometimes needed me to get angry and throw a fit at the front of the class. It changed the pace a bit. Showed them a kind of passion they understood well.

    Sometimes the anger was real, though, if I felt degraded by their lack of attention. Sometimes I felt like I was throwing “pearls before swine,” and I would get really really mad then–but in retrospect I was more angry about my inability to connect with them than anything else.

  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    That’s an awesome skill right there… Being able to identify for oneself when it’s anger at yourself and when it’s anger directed elsewhere.
    Some people think they’re correcting someone else, when they’re really just giving themselves some therapy at the other person’s expense.
    Thanks Marcus for the great example.

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