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Healthy Working Cultures

Bold Enterprises serves business leaders in the design of personally rewarding and business-enhancing workplace cultures.

Whether we realize it or not, there are both creative and practical design choices we can and do make that result in our workplaces. Those places are characterized by varying degrees of effectiveness, motivation and direction. We experience a spectrum of responses and outcomes to our leadership efforts.

Much as an architect of buildings brings form and function to the ideas and needs of his or her clients, an architect of working cultures comes alongside leaders and helps bring form and function to the organizational goals, challenges and needs they face. We accomplish this by looking at the workplace as a cultural system and helping you reframe complex issues, discover untapped resources, and organize for effectiveness.

An outside resource can provide insightful perspective and practical assistance when you need it most. You may be developing as a leader and desiring to enhance your decision-making, team-building, communication or vision-implementation skills. Possibly you are facing a specific problem and desiring suitable tools, strategies, processes, and feedback. Whatever your situation, you want an approachable and experienced resource who understands how people, systems and leadership interrelate to create an effective and meaningful work place.

Claudia Rempel and Karl Edwards.


Karl Edwards

Karl Edwards combines the practical wisdom of 25 plus years of business and institutional experience with a personal passion for helping people thrive in their vocational pursuits. He enjoys consulting, coaching, speaking and teaching on the complex challenges business leaders face. Meet a person who believes leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to influence the broader culture by enhancing the workplace culture.

Claudia Rempel

Claudia Rempel is the engine that drives the events and products which give life to the practice of cultural architecture. Both creative and practical, she brings a clear focus and a strong sense of direction to everything we do.