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Who is Your Mentor?

A Leg UpTo whom do you look when you need a leg up, a wise word, honest feedback, a generous dose of encouragement, or a safe sounding board?

Not in the formal sense of a named “mentor/mentee” relationship structure, though those are wonderful. But when you find yourself looking around for someone who’s “been there before,” who do you find yourself turning to?

Who, before offering any advice, is simply on your side? Who believes in you and has an oddly generous interest in leveraging their experiences, relationships, and resources for your benefit?

I’ve had such people in my life in the past. Maybe I am wistful for someone similar now. It seems to me, though, that such figures are too few and far between.

Whenever I find myself feeling others should be doing something they’re not, I have to ask myself what I’m doing. Who do I come alongside and give the gift of encouragement, acceptance, availability and any resources that might enhance or enable their success?

And so the original question gets reversed: How do you come alongside and empower others?

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