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Listen In -> Strategic Planning #1: The Tennis Player’s Stance

On the balls of your feet.

Both ready to implement your own plan of attack and ready to respond to whatever comes at you.

We begin a new series on strategic planning this week with the metaphor of the tennis player’s stance. We hope you will join the discussion. (This series is the second of three series that will make up our No Excuses Leadershipâ„¢ course. Watch for news about your opportunity to join this new online learning community!)

After the specifics of decision-making, we are going to begin thinking more broadly about where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. We want to develop both proactive and reactive planning skills.

Proactively we want to be choosing ambitious outcomes, developing concrete goals, setting guiding priorities and making the specific plans that will achieve our outcomes.

But we are naive to assume that we have as much control as we’d hope. We have to be ready to respond to what is happening around us. Technology changes, our competitors shift unexpectedly, the economy slows down while we’re expanding. The list could go on.

How do you both maintain a determined, intentional, plan of our own and a stance of attentiveness, readiness and awareness of what is going on around you?

The series will include:

  1. The Tennis Player’s Stance
  2. Shaping the Future
  3. Learning from the Past
  4. Focusing in the Present
  5. The Advantage Vantage Point

Join the conversation. Begin by listening in.

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