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Intractable Problem? Where To Look First

Problems by definition are messy, complex affairs not lending themselves to simple solutions.

Time has gone by. Unhealthy patterns have developed. Perceptions have hardened. Inefficient practices have become policy. Power struggles have morphed into a hierarchical bureaucracy.

The process of problem solving… that is, the unraveling, the sorting out, the rethinking, the insightful critiques, the fresh alternatives, and the bold decisions needed can neither be delayed nor rushed.

One thing, though, is simple. Where to start. While there is no telling where the process will end up, we know right away where to begin.

With you.

Yes. with you.

How might you be a part of the problem that won’t go away? (Watch the original YouTube reflection here.)

All problems find their cultural genesis, their unspoken authorization, their unintended model, and/or their organizational fuel in the leader.

Like it or not you, the leader, are always the original domino in the chain.

That’s why the problem solving process must begin in the mirror.

It can be a difficult place to look. It can be a humbling place to look. But it will always be the most productive place to look.

We say we want the problem solved. We have no problem demanding that everyone else make whatever changes are necessary.

But we tend to overlook our own role in how and why the organization operates the way that it does. Fewer of us realize that we are the prime cause behind why our organization or department is the way that it is.

Ready to take a look in the mirror in order to solve your intractable problem?

Congratulations. You are on your way to solving it.

On your side,

- Karl Edwards

(Want some help getting a healthy perspective on your own impact on your organization? Contact me for a free consultation.)

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