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Freedom Is The Key To Engaging Responsibility

ResponsibilityResponsibility is a reflection of freedom, not control.

Any obliging of oneself is responsible to the extent that it is an act of freedom. If coerced, forced or manipulated, the responsibility shifts to the controlling party.

Leaders mistakenly believe that they can delegate responsibility without granting the freedom to choose. “Do this and do it in this way.”

Some even wonder why their assignment is not greeted with more enthusiasm and appreciation. Bewildered by the ingratitude and now further ingrained in their negative perceptions of people’s work ethic, they completely overlook the simple fact that they eliminated the very ingredient that would have been motivating and engaging.

People are engaged to the extent that their involvement makes a difference. Their ideas, their choices, their contribution. Creating a vehicle for others to contribute involves granting the freedom to choose and follow through on the consequences of one’s choices.

Freedom all by itself sounds haphazard, chaotic, and without focus or direction. Hence freedom’s inseparable and symbiotic relationship with responsibility. They cannot survive separately. They cannot function independently.

If you are looking to escalate the levels of employee engagement on your team, let’s spend some time together looking at how freedom and responsibility take form in your job descriptions, project assignments and supervision practices. Your results as a team will multiply in unexpected and exciting ways.

On your side,

– Karl

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