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The Besetting Sins of Leaders… Who Me?!

Insightful Link“You will hear no excuses from me!” is our watch word here at Bold Enterprises. My coaching clients know with what passion I insist that the key to changing your leadership results lies in changing yourself.

Every once in a while, we catch ourselves sabotaging our own efforts: not following through, side-stepping difficult issues, under-selling ourselves, and so the list goes on.

Unwilling to blame others or make excuses, we need tools to help us examine what we are doing that is not serving us well.

Check out this post over at Slow Leadership, On Besetting Sins and Accepting Fake Success. An insightful analysis of “missing the target” as a leader. Whether dealing with a single misstep to correct or a developing character flaw that is undermining your effectiveness, make the series of questions at the end of the post your own.

You can change the world if you are willing to begin with yourself.

On your side,

– Karl

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