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No Excuses in 2008!

No excuses in 2008!

Instead of a long list of well-meant resolutions, let’s launch the new year with a single intention: No excuses in 2008!

Others may let me down, circumstances may conspire against me, but I will make no excuse for my own choices. Not in my work, not at my home, not in my attitude.

Though I may face harsh realities outside of my control, I still control my response to those difficulties. Like the tennis player in a difficult match, I do not choose what comes at me. But I do choose whether or not I will stay in the game. I choose whether I will stay prepared and alert for the unexpected. I choose when my reactions remain primarily defensive and when I turn the tables to take the offense.

No excuses.

I will make bold decisions, and I will accept responsibility that those decisions affect the quality of my life and work. The more I recognize my own responsibility in the story, the more I discover my own power to change the story.

Even through the storms of workplace conflict, career suffocation, stagnant economies, or unexpected job loss, I make no excuses. I will expand my repertoire of responses. I will get help from friends and associates. I will invest in myself and my career. I will try new approaches. I will be honest with myself about what is not working well and try something different. I will learn from my mistakes.

No excuses.

I will stay in the game. Let’s make 2008 the best yet.

On your side,

– Karl

One Response to “No Excuses in 2008!”

  1. Karla Says:

    Great article – very impressive – I love the idea of no excuses.

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