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Listen In -> Bridging the Work-Faith Divide #3: Character Formation and Lifelong Learning

We have in the past discussed what we have called, “The Hard Facts of Working with People”.

One of the “hard facts” is that people are learning, developing, maturing beings. You and I grow and change over time. It’s a fact.

Bridging the Work-Faith DivideThis fact has important implications to the workplace, team-building, motivation, empowerment, and accountability.

This fact bears directly on career development, setting goals, and professional development.

In this week’s show, Claudia and I discuss how to show up at work both fully authentic to who you are, and grow into who you need to become to fulfill your job responsibilities.

As persons of faith, we do not need to compartmentalize our faith at work into issues of superficial behavioral morality. Don’t steal pencils. Work hard. Don’t tell lies.

At a deeper, more fundamental level God-designed people need to contribute and make a difference; learn and develop; and connect and belong.

Incorporate these three opportunities into your workplace culture and watch your team come alive on the job!

Listen in.

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2 Responses to “Listen In -> Bridging the Work-Faith Divide #3: Character Formation and Lifelong Learning”

  1. David Rupert Says:

    A great podcast. Love the thoroughness-concept. That our faith is to be infused into our worth ethic

  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    Thanks David. I believe there is a great shift in expertise taking place; and that the workplace and those who do life there are the ones who need to become the center of the conversation about how faith does and might potentially inform their efforts, their goals and their relationships.

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