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You Already Know How to Be Great by Alan Fine with Rebecca Merrill

I do?

The assumption Alan Fine’s title makes, You Already Know How to be Great, catches me off guard. And again I ask, “I do?” Because right now there’s a big disconnect between what I’m being told I know and what is actually true of my experience.

Then comes the subtitle, “A Simple Way to Remove Interference and Unlock Your Greatest Potential.” Ah, so there is something blocking the way that needs removing, and there’s something locked away that needs releasing. Now I’m interested.

Thus we find our way into a wonderful new resource by Alan Fine and Rebecca Merrill.

Those of you who know me know I have little patience for coaches and “experts” who claim to have the formula for success. The line of thinking goes something like this, “If only you were different than you are, then you would be successful. We can help you become this entirely other person than you actually are.”

Even if no consultant is so crass to verbalize it that way, that is the message nonetheless. “You are not enough, and you need our help to become someone else.”

Enter Fine and Merrill who assert that you are indeed enough. In fact, the way forward has nothing to do with learning to be other than you are, but to be more naturally, simply and effortlessly who you already are.

They draw our attention to what is interfering with our performance. Interference. It’s not that I am not enough. It is that I’ve got beliefs, messages, behaviors and practices that interfere with my ability to show up, engage and perform as I am capable.

Fine continually provides meaningful and practical hooks on which to organize my thinking. He observes how top performers share three key characteristics, faith, fire and focus. He provides a process for moving forward using the acronym GROW: goal, reality, options and way forward.

His tips on coaching provide an almost completely discrete coaching manual within the book.

On every front I found this book insightful, encouraging, and practical.

Why are you spending a fortune on consultants telling you that you don’t yet have what it takes, when you can invest in this book and begin a process of removing what is blocking your way and unlocking what is already inside of you?

As always, I am available to come alongside your efforts as a safe and objective sounding board.

On your side,

- Karl Edwards

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