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Question of the Week

Does it matter who’s sitting in your chair? (What is your unique contribution to the role and functions of your position?)

The Question of the Week is offered to increase awareness of one’s personal leadership practices and encourage experimentation with creative alternatives.

4 Responses to “Question of the Week”

  1. hope42day Says:

    The unique contributions I bring to the role and functions of my position are optimism, not complaining or gossiping, getting along with everyone, saying “I would be happy to” when asked to complete a task or help someone out, and wearing a smile, not only on my face but in my voice. Also, making people feel they are important by spending time listening and not thinking about what I want to say as they are talking. To me, it’s all about making a positive connection. Because the life I touch is one that touches mine back.

  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    That’s quite a profound insight about the lives you touch touching yours back. Thanks.

    I’m a big believer in validating others’ contributions and value too. People are not commodities!

  3. hope42day Says:

    I agree with you. I would not be where I am in life or at the current position I hold without the support and positive influence of the people I work for and with. I wish to be contagious in making connections even if it is only with a smile or a kind word. And then receiving whatever may come my way with an open mind and an open heart.

  4. Karl Edwards Says:

    I’ll be watching for your book, “Contagious Connections.”

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