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Listen In -> Bold Resolutions for the New Year #3: Build a Team, Not Fill a Job

One of the great self-defeating strategies of team building is the practice of culling resumes with numeric and search engine based criteria.

Thousands of talented, appropriate and possibly “best fit” candidates are never met, because their resumes were thrown in the trash based on missing “key words”, arbitrary experience requirements, and other impersonal and unhuman criteria.

In this week’s show, Claudia discuss the need to build teams rather than fill job openings.

The annual “All-Star” games in many team sports made up of the best players from all the teams, do not result in the two best teams.

The order is important. We need thriving teams in order to function at the level necessary to create a way out of our economic doldrums.

A job opening is merely the existing set of tasks that the former employee did. It does not consider what might be possible given what the new hire brings to the table.

The question is, will you ever know? You may have just thrown the most promising resume in the trash because it showed six years of experience instead of seven.

Listen in.

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