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Let’s Have a Failure Party!

Have you celebrated your latest failure yet?

Yes, you heard me correctly. Have you celebrated your latest failure yet?

We celebrate failure because failure is a potent form of learning. Those of you who have worked with me know how we go about reframing our negative failure experiences into positive learning events.

This week’s Economist has an interesting article on the value of failing early and often. (You can read it here: “Fail Often, Fail Well”)

They point out not only that failure is a good teacher, but also a sign of creativity and the ability to adjust and persevere.

There are even companies that throw “failure parties”!

What about you? Does failure knock you out of the game or provide valuable information about how to move forward differently?

In the one case failure feels like an enemy, from another perspective failure can be quite the friend.

Check out the article. Then throw yourself a failure party!

On your side,

– Karl Edwards

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