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Listen In -> Bridging the Work-Faith Divide #1: Becoming Whole Again

So much of life is compartmentalized into purportedly unrelated spheres. Work, family, religion, politics, hobbies, entertainment, etc.

Until now, a common divide many of us experience is the one between our work and our faiths.

Bridging the Work-Faith DivideUntil now.

Until now, we have assumed there is no overlap between the matters of the hands (work) and the matters of the heart (faith).

We have also assumed that neither should there be any overlap. Because faith is personal, it should therefore remain private.

Some persons of faith have tackled the question of whether we should take our faith to work with us. They have raised faith issues such as: evangelism, ethics, morality, and integrity.

In other words, they have asked how to take the topics and vocabulary of the religious realm and apply them in the working realm.

This week, Claudia and I begin a new series of discussions entitled, “Bridging the Work-Faith Divide,” but…


Our premise is that the question is more useful if asked the other way around.

How do we think about the issues of the workplace in the vocabulary of the workplace in a manner that is informed by our faiths? Workplace issues such as: achieving results, working with people, making difficult decisions, improving methods, conducting meetings, and collaborating across disciplines, to name a few.

Bridging the Work-Faith Divide
Week #1: Becoming Whole Again
Week #2: All Work as a Legitimate Calling
Week #3: Character Formation and Lifelong Learning
Week #4: Collaboration, Empowerment and Accountability
Week #5: Becoming a Person of Influence and Impact

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Listen in.

8 Responses to “Listen In -> Bridging the Work-Faith Divide #1: Becoming Whole Again”

  1. Marcus Goodyear Says:

    Good work on this, Karl. You’ve been at this for a long time now, and your podcast is such a wealth of information!

    Our newsletter editor (David Rupert) is featuring this at TheHighCalling next week in our main email. Congrats!

  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    I appreciate the encouragement, Marcus.
    Thanks for the feature also! David stops by occasionally and participates here also. The exposure to your diverse community at TheHighCalling will be wonderful.

  3. Christian Overman Says:


    I could not agree more with you! The intrinsic value of work itself is rarely discussed, but it is so central to the “bold enterprise” of living truly integrated lives, being the same on Monday as on Sunday.

    Many people will hear your message and rejoice! But suceeding in “bridging the work-faith divide” can be a very lonely journey. Most followers of Christ receive little assistance in this area. This is where one-on-one “faith-integration coaching” comes in. If I can assist you in this matter, please contact me. Perhaps we can work together to change the landscape–one follower of Christ at a time. I’m at http://www.firstcommission.blogspot.com.

    Blessigns on your work.

    Christian Overman

  4. Karl Edwards Says:


    Thanks for making contact.
    Your blog looks great. I look forward to following it more closely and learning more about what you are up to.

    – Karl

  5. Krista Says:

    People should recognize those of faith in God by their fruit. I definitely think that every area of our careers is part of our journey of faith. If those I work with can’t see Christ in what I am doing, or how I respond to a difficult situation, where will they see Him?

    As a working mother whose husband cares for our children, I have struggled with the sense of being called to my career for this time. Most people of faith are drawn to the opposite–having the mother stay at home while the father works. For whatever reason, this is our path and I do feel called to it. Looking forward to hearing more about this topic! Seems like it will be a great place for encouragement. Thanks again.

  6. David Rupert Says:

    Here’s the weekly newsletter.
    Love your work brother!


  7. Karl Edwards Says:


    Thanks for your insightful thoughts.

    You captured the very essence of the true “mission field” in the words, “in what I’m doing, or how I respond to a difficult situation.” Our calling is not something separate from ourselves that we need to “discover” and then go put on like some ill-fitting professional costume.

    You and your husband are choosing what—in your God bestowed freedom and responsibility of the gift of your lives—you feel is best. You are already faithful. Thank you for making those choices! (However difficult or complicated.) You bless us all by choosing to show up in your own lives.

    What lucky kids you have to be raised in the midst of such intentional love and provision!

  8. Karl Edwards Says:


    Thanks for the feature in the High Calling newsletter! I appreciate both the encouragement and the wider exposure to the great community you’ve gathered there at the High Calling.

    Please don’t hesitate to let me know any way I can be of service to your mission there.

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