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Listen In -> Why We Hate Meetings #3: Not Focused toward Outcomes

Some issues come up in meetings week after week. The discussion picks up where it left off and no resolution or decision ever gets made.

And again you want to kill yourself (or at least the leader). Because again you are not busy doing the many important tasks waiting for you at your desk in order to be at this meeting. This meeting that is rehashing and rethinking and repeating what has been discussed on many previous occasions.

Open discussions are a good thing. Hearing all sides to a complex issue is a good thing. Playing out various scenarios is, yes, a good thing.

But when these thinking exercises have served their purpose, there needs to be movement toward a decision, toward a plan, or toward an clearly identified outcome.

We waste our own and everyone else’s time when we discuss for discussion’s sake. We must discuss for the sake of making the best possible decision. We must think together for the sake of achieving the optimum plan of action.

We hate meetings when they are missing a clear trajectory toward particular decisions and concrete action.

Find out what a simple set of expected outcomes can do for your meeting.

Listen in.

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