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Listen In -> Avoiding Success. Four Fears That Hold Us Back #3: Fear of Blame

Politics is a management reality that will give us as much challenge as it does headaches.

Learning to face reality is a different process than becoming adept at avoiding it. The reality of office politics too often degrades into a no-win blame game. When something goes awry it seems the leaders focus first on whom to blame and then on what happened or what needs to happen next.

Again, it is normal to experience some fear when such craziness affects your job. We are not interested in helping you not feel something which is perfectly normal to feel when the powerful act like children.

What Claudia and I discuss in this week’s show is how we actually step away from our own leadership opportunities in order to avoid experiencing this ordinary fear.

Don’t let the fear of being unfairly blamed hold you back from the very opportunity you’ve been waiting and working for!

Listen in.

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