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Listen In -> When Playing by the Rules Backfires #3: The Peacekeeper

Some scenarios never change. Your boss who explodes at any hint of disagreement. Your co-worker who complains at the slightest inconvenience. Your client who goes over your head every time they want a schedule change.

In this week’s podcast conversation, Claudia and I look at The Peacekeeper. In this version of playing by the rules, our protagonist (you?) goes out of his or her way to accommodate, pacify or otherwise head off the unpleasant behaviors of others.

While on the surface admirable to keep things cool and running smoothly, the question for you is, at what cost?

Are you inadvertently diminishing yourself, compromising your own job performance or sacrificing what you know is best in order to prevent someone else behaving like a child? How did that become your responsibility? Did anyone force you to take that role? Could it be that your noble-feeling peacekeeping could be backfiring on you?

Listen in.

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