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Loving Monday: Framed in Thankfulness

I’m going to start this week off by saying thanks. In fact, I’m going to come up with seven (7) things I’m thankful for.

I have a feeling that if this week proves as complicated as most, I’ll need to be prepared ahead of time. It’s just not that easy to remember what I’m thankful for after Wednesday.

Starting each day on a note of thankfulness frames the day ahead in terms of life being a gift.

We choose our mindset before events, people and the unexpected have a chance to suggest something different. We equip ourselves with a healthier starting point from which to confront the challenges that will inevitably arise.

The gift of life I have been given includes:

  1. My wife and three kids
  2. Rose buds
  3. Accepting friends
  4. Rhythm and an occasional dance move
  5. An eye to see individual faces in every crowd
  6. Morning crunches (this one’s a stretch)
  7. Extended family support everywhere I look.

What are seven gifts in your life that you can remember in thankfulness this week?

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