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Out-of-Contact Doesn’t Have To Mean Out-of-Touch

If your working rhythm thrives on extended periods of concentration and focus, you need to turn off the phone, close your email browser, quit all your messaging programs and close the door. No question about it. No question, that is, from your perspective.

Continuing our discussion of this week’s podcast interview with software developer Jorge Rosas, from the perspective of others (clients, team members, supervisors) a complete communication cut-off can be quite disconcerting, if not problem-causing.

What we want is for others to feel that we are accessible without having instant accessibility be the only form contact can take.

All communication technologies include a means to notify others of how and when you will respond to their contact. I have found that as long as others hear:

  1. That their message is important to you, and
  2. A time frame for when you will get back to them, they will be satisfied.

Now your communication “absence” serves both your working needs and others’ contact needs.

Please don’t sacrifice your own effectiveness in order to stay in touch with others. Those are not mutually exclusive outcomes.

How do you get things done while remaining accessible 24/7?

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