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Listen In -> Awkward Communication #1: Learning to Embrace Messy Realities

Communication is a messy business.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or trying to sell something.

Yes, in a perfect world all communication would be clear, direct, concise, sensitive, and persuasive. But we do not live in a perfect world.

Instead of wishing vainly that our communications were ideal (or at least our boss’s were), what if we approached communicating as a messier, more awkward dynamic?

Claudia and I begin a new series this week entitled, “Awkward Communication”, where we explore several common communication styles.

Maybe you’ll see glimpses of yourself in these dynamics. You’ll definitely see aspects of your boss and co-workers.

More importantly, we hope you hear insights into why people slip into these ineffective practices and take away some alternatives that will serve you better.

Awkward Communication
Week #1: Learning to Embrace Messy Realities
Week #2: The Time-Bomb
Week #3: The Intimidator
Week #4: The Nagger
Week #5: The Diplomat

Listen in.

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