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Thought Leaders Unpacked -> The Answer to How is Yes #3: Defenses Against Acting

thought-leadersFreedom is a funny thing. While a vocational aspiration for many of us, the implication that when free we bear full responsibility for our lives is often too much to bear.

Hence chapter three. Chapter three is where we get the opportunity to check our spoken aspirations against our actual behavior.

I often have myself convinced that I want one thing, and then find that I am acting in such a way that sabotages or contradicts my own desires.

Block does a nice job of pulling out several of these behaviors that work against our dreams.

When swimming around in my own head, it is easy for me to convince myself about the sincerity and passion of my desires.

When confronted with a behavior, like seeking the approval of those in power or collecting “enough” data to make an informed decision, I have a tool for reconnecting myself to reality.

I have a tool to help me shift my focus away from those things that are outside of my control back to my own choices which are in my control.

I have a tool help me notice when I am giving away my power or shifting responsibility off of myself. I don’t need to beat myself up for doing so, as much I need to celebrate catching myself in the act, so to speak, earlier than later.

The good news of chapter three is that I don’t have to stay blind to the subtle means I employ to avoid what I want. The sooner I can spot a fear, an escape, a defense, an excuse, or a weakness, the sooner I can address it.

The sooner I address my “defenses against action” the sooner I’m back to taking action and on the way to being, living and making the unique contribution that I have to offer the world.

Which of Block’s defenses against action do you relate most closely with? How can you reframe an excuse you’ve been making to avoid responsibility into an opportunity to embrace responsibility?

What was your main take-away from this chapter?

Each week I post my reflections from one chapter of The Answer to How is Yes by Peter Block. My reflections are my own and are intended to generate conversation, catalyze additional thinking and encourage mutual learning.
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