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Listen In -> Lies and Myths We Believe About Work #1: How We Cooperate In Our Own Diminishment

More frustrating than almost any other professional obstacle are the obstacles we create for ourselves. This week Claudia and I begin a new podcast discussion series looking at several common “truths” of working life and discuss how they are, in fact, LIES.

Not only are they lies, but we end up sabotaging our own professional well-being by acting as if they were true.

I wrote about these lies in a recent Loving Monday column. (Read “Empowered by Identifying the Lies” here.) So insidious and persistent is the extent to which we have bought into these lies that we thought it warranted a full discussion series.

What is most troubling about these lies is that we participate in our own diminishment by believing them. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

We obey an entire set of unspoken rules without anyone asking us to, without any job description delineating them, and without any policy demanding that we do.

Lies and Myths We Believe About Work

Week #1: How We Cooperate In Our Own Diminishment
Week #2: You Don’t Have What It Takes
Week #3: You Have to Prove Yourself First
Week #4: Hard Work Will Be Rewarded
Week #5: Making Waves is Making Trouble

Which of these lies do you find most persuasive? Join the conversation.

Listen in.

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