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Listen In -> Confrontation for Those Who Don’t Like Confrontation #3: Unacceptable Work

Let’s face it, even on the best of teams there are times when someone’s work is unacceptable.

It’s going to happen. It’s a workplace reality. All the training in the world cannot eliminate these instances of below-standard quality, timeliness, accuracy, thoroughness or judgment.

In this week’s conversation, Claudia and I discuss how to talk calmly about (i.e. confront) unacceptable work.

We don’t have to act like parents scolding a wayward child. We don’t have to act like betrayed slavemasters punishing those beneath us. We don’t have to act like apologetic nursemaids afraid to create a new problem where we are trying to fix a current one.

When the normal and the ordinary happen, like unacceptable work, then a straightforward and work-focused conversation needs to take place.

Listen in.

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